BF2142 Reclamation

Play Battlefield 2142, post GameSpy and Revive shutdown in 2024
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Quick-start guide for getting back into Battlefield 2142:

1 - Install a version of Battlefield 2142 (Standard Edition DVD, Deluxe Edition DVD, or via Origin).
2 - Install the BF2142 Hub (using this setup file.)
3 - Update the game to v1.51 via the Hub - if you have an Origin game, you will not need to download the 1.51 patch.
4 - Install the MapPack via the Hub
5 - Apply the OpenSpy patch via the Help tab in the Hub.
6 - Adjust video settings (fullscreen / turn on widescreen) via the Home tab in the Hub.
7 - Launch the game by selecting the server and pressing the play button on the left hand side.
8 - Create an account and soldier by clicking the CREATE NEW ACCOUNT button found on the login screen of the game.
9 - Navigate to MULTIPLAY->ONLINE->ADVANCED (tab), uncheck all the boxes, click UPDATE LIST, and double-click a server in the list to join!
10 - Once you have created an account, you can use your log ins in the hub to automatically log in to bypass the log in screen. You can also join the server automatically by double clicking on the server in the hub.

Please note: these instructions are for Hub 2.0. For video on the Hub 2.0 follow this link (coming soon)

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