2142 Reclamation

How to Play Battlefield 2142, Post GameSpy, Post Revive Shutdown...

Notification: We recommend you to play on weekends from 6-10 UTC on Saturday and Sunday because at this time it's normally up to 30+ Online

Instructions on how to get back into battlefield 2142

Download BF2142 HUB LAUNCHER
1. Go to Download link from Moddb
2. click on "Download Now!" button
3. Run the "setup.exe" application
4. Click on "Next"
5. Select path where to want to install it then click "Next"
6. Then click Finish
7. You can now start BF2142 Hub
Download BF2142 Hub
Download Map Pack
1. Go to Download link from MediaFire
2. click on "Download" button
3. Open the zip file
4. Find your battlefield installation path then goo to /mods/bf2142/Levels
5. Drag all maps from the zip file and in to the Levels folder
6. You can now start BF2142
Download Map Pack

Have any questions? Contact us at discord: https://discord.gg/MEwBW9U

Latest Announcements

The vanilla servers have now all been shutdown. The event is starting! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kBI61jyvK42PRz_xrnB3yExvQpCpHz6J Here is a link for anyone that did not install the mod yet. This download should be faster!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all BF2142 players on Reclamation! We have some great news for all of you.

We will be running a special Project Remaster event on January 4th and 5th 2020! Project Remaster is a conversion mod that updates the graphics of Battlefield 2142 and also adds some cool new weapons that you probably have not tried yet! You can see gameplay of it in 1.0 version in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRl_DCY_yGU However the Remastered Mod has never been tested with a high player count in multiplayer. Therefore we will be shutting down all the vanilla servers on the specified dates and move all ...

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Servers are up and running!
Get yourself the new Update 1.3 and go Multiplayer.

Create an account ingame, create a soldier and login.
In the menus you click "Multiplayer" -> "Advanced" on the top of the screen and deactivate the checkboxes for "Punkbuster" and "populated".
When you see the servers, add them to your favorites!

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Reclamation Update 3 months ago
Hi Everyone, 

We have re-build both EU and US servers from scratch in hope the server runs smoother.
We have also opened a new server that is running Project Remastered. Please be aware that the server or client may crash on you due to some bugs.

And one last thing, I recommend you to check out OJ_gal on twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/oj_gal and follow her thumbsup

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We have more maps to download now available in the bf2142 hub

be sure to get them, If you don't have the bf2142 hub yet check out https://battlefield2142.co/help/

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