Battlefield 2142 Revival
Reviving Battlefield 2142, Post GameSpy Shutdown.


We have launched a partnership with and have launched a handful of servers catering to many different play styles. Currently we are seeing over 200 players continuously. Join in the madhouse today.

The launcher can download and install Battlefield 2142, and Battlefield 2 is you want to try it.

Battlefield 2142 Total Installer

The new option to install the a fully patched base game is the Battlelog Launcher. After logging in, it will prompt you to download and install the game.

This is the older method of installing the complete game. It will provide all the custom maps that we used to run. The complete installer will install a fully patched version of Battlefield 2142 1.51, with all the maps included in MapPack V2.0, and the old stats redirect. It will also create a shortcut with the +widescreen 1 option in the target to allow widescreen support. FFF.exe, which may be used to get a serial to complete the installation, may be reported as a virus. You can delete it after install. The original files modified by the redirect are included for posterity.

Another option, for those that want to do it manually is the community made All-In-One created by Wedgedeagle. The All-In-One below contains the game, the required patches, the old redirect, and the maps. You will need 7-Zip, which is free, to extract the files and install them manually. You can follow the directions below for guidance in installing from the All-In-One.

After installation via the olf method, you will need to download and install the Battlelog Launcher to play.

Battlefield 2142 Total Installer (Mediafire)
Battlefield 2142 All-In-One 7z (Mediafire)

Instructions for installing Battlefield 2142 (Manually).

Most versions will work. There are a handful of torrents being seeded that can provide you with a copy of Battlefield 2142 for free. Install one of them and use any key that works.

Enable Higher Resolutions: Add +widescreen 1 to your shortcut target to get 1920x1080 resolution. Right click on the Battlefield 2142 shortcut and go to properties. (Image Example)

Patch Battlefield 2142 to 1.51

Download and install the following patches. 1.50 includes all previous patches, and 1.51 is independent. Both are required. Install the 1.50 patch first, then proceed with the 1.51 patch.

Official 1.50 Patch (EA FTP)
Official 1.51 Patch (ModDB)

Install the Map Pack

This map pack is not required to play on vanilla servers. The server may run various community made maps, found around the Internet, built by many different modders. (View Here) These new maps include more co-op maps, small and large conquest maps, and new titan maps. Without these maps you will be kicked for missing custom content. If you already have the previous MapPack installed, you just need the update file to get to the newest version. Map Pack V3 requires that you have Map Pack V2 installed.

Map Pack V2 (ModDB)
Map Pack V1 to V2 Update (ModDB)
Map Pack V3 (MediaFire) | Install Instructions for V3

Install the Laucher

You will need the launcher in order to login and have soldiers. The launcher will also provide the game, if needed, and BF2 if you wish to try that.