2142 Reclamation

How to Play Battlefield 2142, Post GameSpy, Post Revive Shutdown...

Instructions on how to get back into battlefield 2142

You need Gameranger to play battlefield 2142
1. Go to http://www.gameranger.com/
2. Click on "Download GameRanger" button.
3. Run the "GameRangerSetup" application.
4. Then click "Install"
5. Create a GameRanger account (The name to register will be used on Battlefield 2142!)
6. You can now choose where battlefield 2142 game is located

Download BF2142 HUB LAUNCHER
1. Go to https://www.moddb.com/games/battlefield-2142/downloads/bf2142-hub1
2. click on "Download Now!" button
3. Run the "setup.exe" application
4. Click on "Next"
5. Select path where to want to install it then click "Next"
6. Then click Finish
7. You can now start BF2142 Hub

Have any questions? Contact us at discord: https://discord.gg/6JWwQXb

Latest Announcements

Welcome to the 2142 Reclamation project! Reclamation is reclaiming the battlefield. In the face of Revive's shut down of Battlefield related operations, several dedicated players of the 2142 playerbase decided to take upon the mission and pleasure of once again helping in the task of keeping 2142 running. Since its inception, Reclamation has grown to be the largest active English based 2142 project. Join us in keeping the battlefield of tomorrow alive and thriving.

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