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By SaloSniper » 5 months ago
Hello again dear Battlefield 2142 players on Reclamation! Some of you might remember that we did a Project Remaster event back in January and that we managed to reach 54 players online on the remaster server for massive titan multiplayer games!! Well, we have some good news for Project Remaster fans once again. We will be running our second Project Remaster event NEXT WEEKEND! (If you do not know what Project Remaster is then please do scroll further up in this #news feed or feel free to ask in one of our channels!) The Remaster event will start on the 6th of March in the evening in EU and run until the 8th of March. That means that this weekend is Project Remaster weekend and that the vanilla servers will be shutdown so that all 2142 players can enjoy the Project Remaster mod together for massive multiplayer action! If you do not understand how to participate in the event then feel free to ask in the #tech-support channel and we will assist you. We hope to see you all in the future soldiers!
You are also welcome to ask if you just need help getting into the vanilla multiplayer servers on Reclamation as this is also required to be able to participate in
the event or just playing 2142 multiplayer in general :slight_smile:

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By ArrdiPR » 5 months ago
I just foud out about this page, Im ready to play